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On the Captainmarkets MetaTrader 5 platform, you can access exchange-traded products from stock markets worldwide.


Analyse And Trade The Markets You Know Best

While you’re trading stocks, don’t worry about losing sight of what’s happening in other markets, with a couple of clicks, you can switch between your stock trading account and CFD trading account. Stay on top of correlations between different asset classes and instruments. At Captainsmarkets, we offer hundreds of other trading instruments as CFDs, such as forex, stock market indices, precious metals, commodities, and more.

Why Trade Stocks With Captainmarkets?

As a retail broker, Captainmarkets focuses on providing the best online trading experience to traders, investors and speculators. Most stockbrokers are part of larger investments firms or banks and cater to thousands of ultra-wealthy clients and overlook what’s important to the average investor. At Captainmarkets, we’re committed to delivering a premium stock trading experience to anyone, regardless of your account size. We offer reliable trading platforms, reasonable fees, transparent pricing and outstanding customer support.

  • Access more than 600 stocks from Europe, North America and Asia
  • Benefit from lower pricing as you trade more
  • View real-time market data inside the popular MT5 trading platform
  • Earn dividends for holding shares on the ex. dividend date
  • Hedge your positions with a Captainmarkets CFD trading account
  • Receive leading market research to help you navigate the markets

Get Your Piece Of The Action

Invest in the world’s most influential companies with Captainmarkets. A Captainmarkets trading account is your gateway to a vast global network of financial markets. No matter where you are if you have a Captainmarkets MT5 account you can access markets in your time zone and across the world.

Why Invest In Stocks?

Trading stocks is a way of investing in a company’s future growth and success and the potential to earn dividends. There are many reasons why trading stocks have become more popular than other investments. Stock markets are highly regulated, liquid, and less complicated than other investment products such as derivatives. Most traders invest in stocks over a medium to long term horizon. Unlike day traders using high leverage, stock traders can check in on their investments daily or weekly.

What Is Stock Trading?

A stock is a security that represents ownership in a company. You can think of it as your share of the company, and you’re entitled to any profits or dividends the company distributes. The value of a stock depends on how the market perceives the company’s current and future growth expectations. Investing in stocks can be a profitable investment strategy, but there are risks like all investments. If the stock you invest in goes to zero, you can lose all of the money you invested in that stock. Although it’s unlikely the stock price will go to zero, you will lose money if the price falls.