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What is a pattern in trading in financial markets

Geometry in financial markets

Technical analysis is a serious method of forecasting the movement of asset prices on the stock exchange. Its adherents believe that all the events, news, emotions and decisions of the exchange participants are already embedded in the price that the trading chart displays.

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2023-10-07 15:47:22
What is an ECN account on Forex

Brokers are offering more and more services and different types of accounts, which often confuse beginners. An ECN forex account is a type of order execution that takes trades directly to the interbank market. Let's consider how to operate correctly in this environment and whether it is profitable for traders.

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2023-02-11 16:30:09
Trading in the markets during the recession: a look at trading strategies and risks

A recession is an extremely serious and prolonged period of dropping economic acts and data that affects an entire country or even a group of them. It has far-reaching and serious consequences that affect the country's citizens, governments, companies and investors.

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2022-12-24 14:40:15
Trading with Ichimoku: the cloud, its purpose and trading signals

If you already have basic knowledge of how to work in financial markets and are on the verge of building your own trading system, I recommend studying the Ichimoku indicator. The Ichimoku indicator combines the power of five lines and Japanese imagery. Currently, it is becoming more and more popular among traders, b... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-11-09 19:48:39
About the US Dollar Index DXY

To assess the current state of the economy and future trends, investors use various tools: GDP dynamics, stock indexes, unemployment, inflation, PMI business activity index, producer inflation, consumer expectations indicator, etc. But in addition to stock indexes, you can also analyze the value of the national curr... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-10-19 16:25:19
Technical analysis for beginners

One of the most popular methods of analyzing stock instruments is graphical technical analysis. Technical analysis is one of the main methods of analyzing and forecasting future asset prices.

In this article we will consider the basic aspects of technical analysis: what it is, how it differs from fundamental a... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-10-19 14:23:22
How brokers cheat and how to protect against it

Many investors are familiar with the negative attitude of people towards investments. It is especially difficult for beginners – their relatives and friends begin to dissuade and tell scary stories of those who were deceived and lost all their savings on investments. Stories also periodically appear in the media abo... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-10-19 11:47:31
The market is falling. What should investors do

In 2022, there is a lot of talk about the crisis and recession. Everyone feels that something is wrong in the economy - the costs of habitual purchases have increased and, perhaps, what they have been saving for for a long time has become significantly more expensive. In addition, many economically active people are... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-10-18 16:23:00
Description of Stock Market in India

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world by many indicators, primarily by the dynamics of the parameters of the economy and population. In terms of GDP, India is already the 6th economy in the world at the moment and continues to develop, both due to internal sources of growth and by attracting ext... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-10-18 15:50:58
HKD: Is it worth buying the Hong Kong Dollar

The Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is the official currency of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in China. Today Hong Kong is a kind of "state within a state". Hong Kong was a British colony for more than 150 years, but in 1997 it was transferred to the PRC. According to the agreement between the PRC and the UK, H... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-10-18 12:37:29
Stock tickers on the stock exchange

All stocks traded on world stock exchanges have a lot of parameters. Some change every second or with a certain frequency (the value of the paper, the dividend yield, the number of shares in circulation, the number of securities in the lot, the level of listing, etc.), but there is also a constant parameter that ope... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-10-16 20:06:46
What is Overnight

Receiving passive income is the "blue dream" of everyone, and not only the investor. We wrote about the options for passive earnings in our article "How to receive passive income monthly": buying and renting out housing, deposit, accumulative and investment insurance, investments in the stock market. Each of these o... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-10-16 16:33:25
PPI index: definition, method of calculation and how to use it

When making decisions about investing in any assets, it is necessary to analyze not only the performance indicators of specific companies, but also the external environment - the economic situation in the country and individual industries. Indicators for tracking the "temperature" in the economy are macroeconomic da... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-10-16 15:01:42
What affects the price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is predicted to be the currency of the future. Decentralization, anonymity, deflationary properties - these are the main "trump cards" of this digital currency. But the high volatility of the bitcoin price gives many the impression of the speculative nature of this instrument. Hence the skepticism towards al... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-10-15 13:00:28
Algorithmic trading in financial markets

When the DeepBlue chess supercomputer defeated the reigning world champion Garry Kasparov on May 11, 1997, many realized for the first time that computers are capable of solving many "purely human" tasks as well as we are, and this trend is clearly not going to change in the future.

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2022-10-12 12:39:57
About Fear & Greed Index

"What has always mattered to me is the key factor that moves the stock market. This is not an analysis, statistics or facts,... no, these are human emotions. As soon as people understand this, they will become much closer to success in the markets" (Jesse Livermore - "The Great Bear", American stock trader, founder ... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-10-02 18:27:07
Compound Interest in Investing - How it works

The purpose of investing is to generate income. Different trading strategies can be used to achieve this goal. A trading strategy is a complex algorithm of actions that has been practiced and honed for years. But significant results can be achieved without seriously complicating the approach to investment. The long-... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-09-18 11:13:52
What is SWIFT: history of creation, participants and competitors

SWIFT is an international interbank system that allows its participants from different countries to make payments between themselves quickly, safely and for a relatively small fee. In addition to the fact that it is the largest interbank system that provides the bulk of cross–border payments, the SWIFT system quite ... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-09-17 15:45:53
What's going on with Binance - regulatory pressure and the future of the exchange

Do you trade on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange? Perhaps today it is the TOP-1 platform in the world, but about a year ago the crypto exchange began to have serious problems with regulators, which it cannot solve yet.

The authorities of the UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, Malta and other countries want to see a ... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-09-17 15:20:13
The reasons for the mistakes of novice traders

Mistakes of novice traders. A sad conversation about trading.

Looking back, I see a very sad picture of the success of traders. Of those with whom I started trading, today there is practically no one left! Just think about these numbers. For 10 years, of the people with whom I communicated very closely (and th... Read more on Indexaco...

2022-08-06 07:12:48