CFD Trading

CFD Trading

Discover the World’s Financial Markets via CFD Trading

Trade the leading financial markets from around the world using the convenience of CFDs.


Why Trade CFDs?

The most flexible and accessible method for speculating on the global financial markets.

Global financial markets are where the wealth and riches of the world exchange hands. The beauty of trading CFDs comes from the ability to benefit on price changes in the markets without having to purchase any assets physically. Captainmarkets is waiting to empower you with access to CFDs covering over 1,000 markets, all from a single trading account and within one trading platform.

  • Hottest assets
    Trade the world’s most in-demand commodities, stocks, indices, and Digital Currencies.
  • Two-way trading
    Long & short positions enable you to catch opportunities both when markets rise and when they fall.
  • No strings attached
    When you trade with contracts, there is no obligation in relation to the ownership of the physical assets.
  • Increase your exposure
    Use leverage responsibly to amplify your position sizes, or to minimise the margin you need to allocate to trades.

CFD Trading With Captainmarkets

When you trade with Сaptainmarkets, you can benefit from the insights of our market professionals and trade more effectively with our game-changing tools.

When you trade CFDs with Сaptainmarkets, you have full access to an education section which contains a wide range of tutorials that explain what CFD trading is, how CFD trading works, and the best CFD trading strategies. Combine your robust training with the Сaptainmarkets trader’s toolkit and make the most of the markets with advantageous CFD trading conditions.

  • Professional Support. Сaptainmarketsmarket professionals and support team is ready to guide you day-or-night in multiple languages via chat, phone, and e-mail.
  • Safe Trading. Сaptainmarkets is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (No. 145/11) and in full compliance with MiFID II regulation.
  • Security First. Сaptainmarkets keeps your funds in segregated accounts and utilises advanced encryption technologies to secure all your personal and financial information.

Best CFD Trading Tools

Forex markets change all the time. Open your Trader’s Toolbox for maximum versatility. Always be prepared for any surprises; always be ready to turn actions into opportunities.

Trading Platforms

A full-featured trading terminal is a necessity for a successful CFD trading experience. Сaptainmarkets traders enjoy the versatility of the world-renowned trading platform MetaTrader 4.

  • Captainmarkets MT4 Web Trading: Desktop Versatility Infused Into Web Browser Accessibility.
  • Captainmarkets MT4 Desktop: The Most Favoured Platform For Traders Who Seek Enhanced Tools And Customisation.
  • Captainmarkets MT4 Mobile: Trade On The Go, Access The Markets Wherever You Are, Whenever You Want.
  • What Is A CFD? – A Basic Overview. Every day, the global financial markets attract millions of investors and traders who seek to capitalise on the fluctuating value of assets in the market. Most methods involve a complicated registration and compliance process, require dedicating large amounts of capital, and offer little room for manoeuvre when the winds shift. CFDs are innovative investment instruments which enable anybody from any kind of background to trade in the markets, regardless of capital size or education level.
  • What Is CFD Trading? CFD stands for “Contract for Difference”. When trading the CFD of a financial asset, you don’t physically purchase the asset, but trade on the price difference. It allows you to open Buy (Long) positions when you predict the future price will be higher and Sell (Short) positions when you expect the future price will be lower. Any financial asset (e.g., commodities, stocks, indices, and Digital Currencies) can be traded in the form of CFDs.
  • How To Profit In CFD Trading? Your profitability is based on whether the asset price moved in the predicted direction, and how far it moved when you choose to close the position. CFDs typically don’t have an expiration date and allow you to hold on to the position as long as you wish.
  • How To Trade CFDs? CFD trading is possible through online brokers who offer this service. As a leading online broker, Captainmarkets offers CFD trading in forex currency pairs; commodities like metals, oil, and agriculture products, stocks and indices from the U.S., Europe, and Asia and Digital Currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Captainmarkets also provides leverage when trading CFDs, which allows you to open large positions while allocating only a small portion of the required capital.
  • Why Trade With CFDs? CFD trading gives you instant access to a wide range of financial markets and assets around the world. Most exchanges will require lengthy registration procedures, complicated trading processes, and frustrating limitations. CFDs enable anybody to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the financial markets without any discrimination.


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