Concierge Trading

Concierge Trading Service

Delegate your trading to a financial markets professional.

Under Captainmarkets Concierge Trading service, you’re assigned a Personal Trader. Your Persona; Trader is a lot like a personal assistant, except their responsibility is to take care of your trading and investment strategies.

As a licensed portfolio management firm, Captainmarkets offers premium clients the possibility to assign their personal or corporate trading and investment obligations to one of our many qualified portfolio managers under our command.


Join the Concierge Trading Service

Join the Concierge Trading service today and meet your dedicated personal trader who will build a personalised investment strategy according to your expectations and their professional assessment of your risk profile.


What Our Concierge Trading Service Can Offer You

Most investors are looking to invest and grow capital earned from other means and not to take on another full-time job as a financial markets professional.

  • Attention to detail
    How the markets behave depend on the season, day of the week and even the time of the day and many economic and geopolitical factors. Our professionals are dedicated to seeking the best opportunities in all conditions, regardless of the time of the day.
  • Leverage experience
    It’s not enough to know if the market will go up or down. Our professional traders identify the best moments to open and close your trades to maximise profit and reduce downside risk. Their marketing timing experience is impeccable.
  • Access knowledge
    Just like you would hire an accountant to manage a business’s finances or a lawyer to deal with legal issues, why wouldn’t you want to hire a qualified investment professional to manage and execute your trading and investment strategies?
  • Preserve your time
    Avoid falling into the same trap as many time deficient investors do by making hasty decisions based on superficial market analysis. Instead, delegate the time consuming to a diligent professional trader.
  • Safety & security
  • Sturdy risk management
    Money management and risk management are essential components to investing and growing wealth but are often overlooked. We’re able to offer clients enrolled in the concierge trading service a target stop loss if your equity falls below 10%, we’ll exit you

Who needs a Concierge Trading Service?


For the first time ever, Captainmarkets is offering a full time managed Portfolio Account Manager to our premium clients. Your assigned Portfolio Account Manager will act as a Personal Trader who will analyse the market, identify potentially suitable opportunities and place trades for you. This unique service and exclusive experience are only available for a limited time. Let the professionals do the hard work for you and seize more opportunities in the market.

Concierge Trading Overview

Our trading professionals keep their finger on the pulse of the financial markets to ensure they never miss a beat. Besides relieving you from the immense pressure the markets can cause, there are other popular reasons traders love our concierge trading service.

  • Guide Your Personal Trader. Benefit from an open dialogue with your personal trader to discuss ideas concerning your investment strategy.
  • Regular Feedback. Get regular performance meetings and statements to assess the performance and goals of your portfolio.
  • Exposure Management. Do you want to manage the amount of risk or exposure to certain asset classes, no problem, just inform your personal trader.
  • Professional Managers. Your personal trader is a professional trader who meets rigorous criteria to ensure their suitability.
  • No Extra Fees. There are no performance or management fees. to use the concierge trading service with Captainmarkets.
  • No Lock-Ins. There is no lock-in period or penalties for withdrawing some or all of your invested capital.